Her Farm

I have known Suzanne for a number of years. We hit it off quickly and she allowed me into her world of fierce dedication to working the land using time-honored practices. Without fossil fuels or plastic, unless there’s no reasonable alternative, she coaxes crops from the soil with horses and single-handed physical labor. Hers is a rugged existence with few of the domestic conveniences that the rest of us take for granted. It is also a life of profound joy and wonder at the beauty and bounty of the earth.

Environmental portrait, Woman vegetable farmer, farm, working landscape, working the land, field, living off the land, Vershire, VT
“Her Farm”
Environmental portrait, Woman farmer, working the land, living off the land, horse team, horse power, pulling, tilling, discing, antique equipment, Vermont farm scene
“Working with Dick and Holly”
Portrait, Woman farmer, horses, team, horse barn scene, VT
“With the Horses”
Environmental portrait, Vermont farm kitchen, wood cookstove, woman farmer cooking, old farm house, rural living, simple life, old fashioned, traditional
Portrait, stone wall, repair, hard work, Woman farmer, manual labor, hand built, working alone, working the land, VT
“Stone Wall Restoration”
Vermont farm kitchen, wood cookstove, old farm house, rural living, simple life, old fashioned, old time, bygone tradition, bacon
“Blue Teapot”
Character study, portrait, old farmhouse, rural living, old-timer, Woman farmer and friend, hand gesture, lively conversation, country people, VT
“The Project”
electric fence, wire, manual labor, woman farmer, Tending horse team, pasture, working the land, VT
“Stringing Fence”
woman farmer, farm cat, rustic living, simple life, rural, old farmhouse, torn wallpaper, Vershire, VT
Portrait, Farm life, woman farmer, workhorses, harness, horse barn, rural living, working the land, simple life, traditional, VT
Environmental portrait, winter, Farm life, rural living, living off the land, farm outbuilding, barn, shed, pigs, carcass, butchering, meat production, pork, chemical-free, hormone-free, natural, wholesome, traditional, VT
“Pork and Bacon”
Environmental portrait, Vegetable preparation, tomatoes, woman farmer, rural, Vermont farmhouse, simple life, traditional, hard work, rustic, table, old chairs, Vermont, Vershire
Vermont, vegetable farm, fresh, hand picked, dewy, misty morning, chemical-free, natural, wholesome
Portrait, Woman farmer, horse team, traditional, teamwork, pulling, working the land, horse power, traditional agriculture, rural skill, antique equipment, discing, Vermont
“Discing with Annie and Dick”
Still life, gas tanks, tools, welding, barn scene, VT farm
“Tools and Welding Equipment”
Still life, farmer’s hat, jacket, snowshoes, Vermont farm, barn scene