Still Life Project: The Enduring Book

When I was very young I would refuse to eat unless my mother read to me. A meal was a drawn-out affair, one spoonful per page of a large-print childrens' book. Even then, I was captivated by the wonders in books. As an adolescent, books were reliable companions in a world where human relationships seemed fraught with pitfalls. I could escape and get lost in a world that offered something not found in real life.

Later I became a rural resident of Vermont and embarked on practical projects. I found there was a gulf between an idea and its real world execution. Books came to the rescue - practical books filled with the voices of experienced mentors, dispensing advice on all manner of necessary skills. I would pore over them for hours at a time.

This body of work is a homage to books and the imagined or practical worlds that reside between their covers.

Still life, globes, atlas
“Worlds Apart”
Still life, paper skull ,wood skull, animal skull, book on skulls, books
“Four Skulls”
Still life, large clam shell, book on shells, Ernst Haeckel
“The Old One”
Still life, antique bottles, old glass bottle, book
“Glass Before Glass”
Still life, shells, cupcake, geometry instruments, protractors, square, pair of compasses, book, Archimedes on Spirals
“The Perfect Spiral”
Landscape , lake shore, lake Champlain, book in bottle
Still life, wire spectacles, magnifying glass, lenses, fake eye, glass eye, peacock feather, anatomy book
“A Second Look”
Still life, hand holding crystal ball, book on Escher art, art book
“Homage to Escher”
Still life, geometric forms, pyramid, cube, cylinder, sphere, wooden blocks, geometry book, shadows
“Geometry in the Afternoon”
Still life, lady portrait painting, peonies, feather, skull, pearls, art history book
Still life, nature still life, stag beetle, book on insects
“Flight of Fancy”
Chicken, nest, egg, book of egg illustrations
“Or the Egg”
Nature still life, botanical still life, mushroom, coral fungus, wild mushrooms, book
“Coral Fungus”
Nature still life, feathers, book on birds
“They Fall in Silence”
Nature still life, botanical still life, mushroom,  wild mushrooms, lens and book
“Twilight’s Fruit”
Landscape, book on Magritte, surrealism
Food still life, small game carcass, book, meat cleaver
“The Anatomy of Meat”
Botanical art, still life, diseased fruit, leaves, book on Plant Pathology
“The Afflictions”
Food still life, pomegranate, juicy, cut fruit, knife, red glass vase, book
“Spilled the Juice”
Nautical still life, bathtub, model ship, book, ship in storm etching
“Fantastic Voyage”
Still life, science, mechanics, laws of mechanics, book, steel spring
“Hooke’s Law”
Still life, book, succulent, uprooted, houseplant
Still life, old clocks, timepiece, depiction of time, grim reaper, book
“Out of Time”
Still life, scissors, chicken feathers, book
Still life, book on Edison, lamp bulbs, history of electric lighting
“Remember Edison”