“There’s nowt so queer as folks” goes the quaint saying from northern England. Indeed, encountering passers-by on a street or at an event is like walking into a drama in mid-scene. The characters’ past and their future intentions are shrouded in mystery. All that exists is the split second when the shutter clicks. Their appearance and gesture provoke questions and spin imaginary tales in the viewer’s mind. Freezing characters in time in this phantom script is an absorbing pursuit that is endlessly challenging and fascinating to me.

Street photography, Skateboarder, street musician, homeless, Massachusetts Avenue, Boston
“Ups and Downs”
documentary, Hunter, environmental portrait, tanning hide, rural scene, Rustic, skulls, antlers, Cornish, NH
“After the Hunt”
Street photography, old timers, codgers, rustic scene, Cornish Fair, Old lady ignored, wife left out, NH
“The Wife”
Street photography, man pushing stroller, pedestrian crossing, four-way crossing, New York City
“The Crossing”
Street photography, antique car show, old men, peer into engine, Sunapee, NH
“Leaning Men”
Street photography, mennonite women visit city, traditional mennonite woman dress, country visitors, South station, Boston
“In Passing”
Street photography, London street art, mural, restaurant worker, London street scene, UK
“Another Day”
Street photography, lonely people, urban isolation, blue, man with headphones, people with shopping bags, fire hydrant, Red hair woman, Massachusetts Avenue, Boston
“Boston Blue”
Street photography, motorcyclist, food, people eating, Sunapee, NH
“Bikers and Burgers”
Street photography, Tunbridge Fair, Food vendor, night scene, fat woman, humorous, VT
Performance photography, outdoor dance, gesture, Norwich, VT
Street photography, Freedom is not free, logo, man in T-shirt, White River Junction, VT
Street photography, bearded man, cowboy hat, shopping, jacket with fringes, shop window, newspaper, Woodstock, VT
“Mountain Man”
Common Ground Fair, ice cream, food workers, busy, Unity, ME
Street photography, tattooed man, smoking, cigarette, East London, street art, mural, UK
Country fair photography, documentary, former wrestler, Tunbridge Fair, VT
“Then and Now”
solitary man, lonely, eating alone, empty cafe, christmas decorations, VT
Street photography, lovers, yellow wig, fairy costume, man in denim, London, UK