People from Far Away Places

Photographing people in countries like India and Nepal is easier than photographing strangers in the west. Generally people are not offended when a “foreigner” points a camera at them - some even demand to be photographed. However the plethora of visual opportunities is often saturating. It bombards one’s senses and leaves one overwhelmed. Unable to capture it all, I was drawn to observing folks going about their daily business. The moil and toil of the everyday is something we all recognize and share, no matter how exotic the setting. This human commonality makes the foreign accessible. I can daydream about what it could be like like to live in these places that seem extraordinary to me.

Street photography, River shore, woman, basket, sari, boats, misty morning, Varanasi, India
“On the Ganges”
Street photography, mother, child, holy festival, candles, candlelight, glow, Bhaktapur, Nepa
“Buddha’s Birthday”
naked, holy man, ashes on skin, trident, marigolds, Varanasi, India
“Sadhu by the Ganges”
Food photography, traditional preparation, woman worker, henna hand, chapati, bread, griddle, India
Street photography, Nepalese men, hat, walking stick, Bhaktapur, Nepal
“Neighborhood Street”
Street photography, morning ritual, observance, candle, people bathing, river, women washing, river, boats, dawn, Varanasi, India
Morning Observance by the Ganges
portrait, environmental, human skulls, sadhu, dreadlocks, ritual, religious paraphernalia, meditate, Varanasi, India
“Holy Man”
portrait,  electric wiring, sadhu, at home, shrine, colored lights, Varanasi, India
“Holy Man in Kitchen”
Street photography, boy on horse, river bank, sunrise, early morning, food preparation, food stall, plastic sheet, awning, Varanasi, Indi
“Ganges Scene, Food Vendor”
Street photography, food, motorbike, ancient alleyway, narrow passage, stone buildings, man with food tray, Varanasi, India
“Food Delivery”
Street photography, food, nepalese women, children, boys, bored, colorful clothing,  scarf, costume, tomatoes, cucumbers, vegetables, shopping, choosing, Bhaktapur, Nepal
“At the Market”
Street photography, Nepalese mens’ hat, man read newspaper, roadside shrine, religious effigy, stone carving, bell, incense, Bhaktapur, Nepal
“Morning News”
Street photography, storefront, shop window, human anatomy, anatomical model, laboratory glassware, scientific equipment, man with cell phone, passer-by,  Nepal
“Scientific Wares”
Portrait, holy man, sadhu, face paint, decoration, ritual, recluse, Nepal
“Preparing for the Day”
Street photography, Big tree, morning mist, park, man throwing, sunrise, Delhi, India
“Morning Scene”
bell, stone temple, ancient architecture, religious, nepalese monk, columns, Nepal